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Is your focus on TEAM COOPERATION?

“One for all and all for one” wrote Alexandre Dumas in the “3 Musketeers”:


How to build a culture of trust?
How to foster cooperation
while keeping the ability to take risks or have a robust conversation?


Break the silos, bring your team together, and create the ideal conditions to obtain a significant lift of performance from your team players.

Wanting to develop your INFLUENCE as a team leader?

Leverage your strengths and complement them with new skills to help you:


Envision the team / to drive ownership & accountability.

Energize the team /  to drive engagement & resilience.

Enable the team / to drive performance & efficiency.


Get a mix of hard skills (what to do) & soft skills (how to do) to become an engaging 360 leader.


Interested in gaining AGILITY to improve your team dynamics?


“You are the only person in the world who never gets to experience you” said Bernard Beckett

Emotional intelligence triggers mutual understanding and fosters cooperation. Learn how to leverage your team’s diversity to gain impact in communication & project management.


1 – Gaining self-awareness  = understanding your behavioural preferences

2 – Developing flexibility  = recognizing the style of your staff (non-verbal & verbal clues.)
3 – Synchronizing   = adjusting to each staff (posture, voice, tone, words, etc.)


Are you a natural leader? Organizer? Motivator? Coach? Make the most of your preferred style and learn how to use other management styles to adjust to your staff and to specific situations.

Let’s discuss your needs and identify opportunities to develop your team managers’ skills.