Klaxoon Meetings



A-game Partner and Klaxoon join forces to help you create interactive meeting environments in which your team will perform at best.

Klaxoon, the meeting revolution, allows you to work intelligently with your team, transforming spectators into actors.

Klaxoon revolutionizes the way we hold meetings, bringing the team together, collecting feedback, making decisions

You’re going to love spending time in meetings!

Enjoy efficient meetings

Klaxoon Meetings 3 - A-gamepartner

Reach 100% participation

In the same room or from a distance exchange simply within your team.

Klaxoon Meetings - A-game partner

Get instant feedback

Vote, polling, word clouds… the group’s opinion is visualized in real-time.

Klaxoon Meetings 5

Captivate Intention

Mix up the interactions, make sure that your message is well understood.

Find the next big ideas

Klaxoon Meetings 6

Never forget a great idea

Launch a Brainstorm in a few clicks and start collecting ideas instantly.

Klaxoon Meetings 7

Unleash team creativity

Text, drawings, photos… choose how you wish to express yourself.

Klaxoon Meetings 8

Get things done

Classify ideas, step back and take in the big picture. Decision making made easy.


You are a GM, a HR manager, a team leader, you dream about getting more out of your meetings.

Get support to ease the implementation & change management processes, and make the most of Klaxoon, the meeting revolution.

  • Smart ways to interact
  • Efficient teamwork
  • Simple to use