Fun&fficient Learning



Gain impact from your trainings
while making them more fun & enjoyable

Neuro-sciences have proven that:


  • Every brain is unique and learns its own way
  • Emotions trigger content retention
  • Physical activity improves cognitive performances.

So why would we continue running trainings the same old way, when as participants we find them too cold and rigid ?

Fun&fficient Learning NeuroScience - A-GamePartner

Discover a structured method and a ready-to-use toolbox of 150 simple learning capsules which will help you maximize your audience’s attention and improve your training footprint.


Learning becomes both fun and efficient.

for the delight of all, even the younger generation.

The Fun&fficient learning method is based on 4 key principles:

1/ every brain is unique and learns its own way


  • Our method will allow you to feed all learning styles, for the right pedagogical purpose, and at the right time (cf biorhythms)

2/ Fear inhibits memorization …

… pleasure is actually what our brain looks for

  • Our method releases the learning breaks for good and makes the training enjoyable

3/ Attention drops significantly after 10mn

  • We use special techniques to get and maintain attention at high level

4/ Retention depends on senses, emotions, and repetitions

  • We create multi-sensorial learning environment and find smart ways to loop key messages.

You are a HR/LfD manager, a team leader, a coach, a trainer, a teacher, you are interested in driving big positive changes in your trainings


  • Get a quote to build new trainings or have your existing in-house trainings revamped for the best


  • Become a certified Fun&fficient trainer by joining a train-the-trainer bootcamp (2 days)


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