Fun&fficient Learning



“Training is not about filling a vase but about starting a fire”

(Aristophanes – Greek playwright)

Why then continue using the same cold and rigid training methods when neuro-sciences have proven that:


  • Every brain is unique and learns its own. way
  • Emotion is a powerful memorization trigger.
  • Physical activity improves cognitive performances
Fun&fficient Learning NeuroScience - A-GamePartner

Maximize your audience’s attention and improve your training footprint.

Discover a structured method and a ready-to-use toolbox of 120 simple learning capsules.
We will choose the relevant ones to illustrate your key messages with impact.

The Fun&fficient learning method is based on 4 key principles:

1/ every brain is unique and learns its own way


  • Our method will allow you to feed all learning styles, for the right pedagogical purpose, and at the right time (cf biorhythms)

2/ Fear inhibits memorization …

… pleasure is actually what our brain looks for

  • Our method releases the learning breaks for good and makes the training enjoyable

3/ Attention drops significantly after 10mn

  • We use special techniques to get and maintain attention at high level

4/ Retention depends on senses, emotions, and repetitions

  • We create multi-sensorial learning environment and find smart ways to loop key messages.

You are a HR/LfD manager or a team leader, you are interested in driving significant positive changes in your training sessions and meetings.


  • Have your existing in-house training content revamped for the best.
  • Have your managers trained on the method so they can gain impact from their team meetings.
  • Discover the Fun&fficient method in any A-game partner training session.