Management & Sales


Innovative ready-to-use solutions help you perform better through
people skills development and sales process transformation.

Leadership & management trainings

  • Growing leadership skills
  • Conducting the change
  • Building & sharing a team vision

Team Dynamics & communication

  • Field team audit & development plans
  • Facilitation & team building
  • Impactful communication skills

Sales fundamentals trainings

  • Boosting new client conquest
  • 7 steps of a successful sale
  • Negotiation skills

Sales transformation workshops

  • Smart business reports driving sales
  • Switch focus from sell-in to sell-out
  • Pricing & trade terms optimization
Management & Sales 1

Is your focus on LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT ?

“One for all and all for one” wrote Alexandre Dumas in the “3 Musketeers”: how to build a culture of trust ? How to foster cooperation rather than conflict while keeping the ability to take risks or have a robust conversation ?


Break the silos, bring your team together, and create the ideal conditions to obtain a significant lift of performance from your team players.


Get useful tips and tangible tools to maximize your ability to Envision, Energize, and Enable your team as an inspiring & influential leader.

Is your focus on SALES ACCELERATION ?

Field excellence starts with:


1/ building a clear sales diagnosis

With the “Rocket Force” method, we focus not only on turnover (= end result) but also on what drives it (= sales engines).

Key opportunities to accelerate growth become clear and sizeable.


2/ defining a strategic action plan

Now that sales drivers are well identified, we make sharp choices as field teams cannot handle multiple priorities.

You benefit from tips and tools which are proven field best-practices and will help you reach your KPIs.


3/ driving your field team to drive your business

Maybe the most crucial of the 3 phases as leaders end up being just as good as our team.

You get a full accompaniment package to motivate and train your team towards you chosen key strategic priorities.

Management & Sales 7

Let’s discuss your needs and identify together the best opportunities to grow your team and business