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The 4Colors method is a fabulous tool used across all pillars of the A-game partner service offer.


It aims to improve behavioural skills by developing a flexible, authentic, empathetic and assertive style that allows for better success in communication.


Created 10 years ago, this system is deployed to thousands of trainees each year. The 4Colors method is used in companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, who have understood the importance of putting “the human at the heart of the company”.


Understanding interactions between different personality styles helps gain confidence and improve the way we communicate, manage, sell or work in a team.


The 4Colors Compass is the educational representation of Jung and Marston’s work on human behaviour.

4 Colors Method 1

Like a real compass, it allows you to navigate the world of communication and identify the colour profile of the person you are engaged with.

Imagine a compass to find your bearings:

In the North, the environment is perceived as hostile: Life appears hard or complex, therefore fighting, getting the facts and producing a high quality work become important. (Drivers: “Be strong” or “be perfect”)

In the West, it is the realm of introversion in a world of reaction: The world seems calmer and things change only if there is an absolute need. A lot of thought and planning goes into making sure change is necessary.

4 Colors Method 2

In the East, it is the realm of extraversion in a world of action. The environment needs to evolve fast to avoid boredom. It’s all about action, status quo is not an option, even if it means starting over!

In the South, on the contrary, the environment is perceived as favourable. The focus here is on feelings and relationship to others (drivers: “please people” or “be nice”).

The 4Colors method helps understand how you react to others, but also how they react. 

Each individual is a unique blend of 4 different behaviour styles and represented by colours for a better understanding:

red, yellow, green and blue. Anyone is a mix of the 4 colours that interact with each other.

4 Colors Method 4

The beauty and uniqueness of the 4Colors method is that you will receive not 1 but 3 profiles: 


  • “Natural style” = Your own style at home, on weekends. It is your behavioural anchoring.
  • “Adapted style” = Your behavioural style when you adapt to your (working) environment, the style that meets “others’ expectations”.
  • “Opposite Style” = Your discomfort zone, the style which characterizes the type of personality or situations you struggle to deal with.


« If we are to grow, we must search deep inside ourselves », wrote Voltaire.

Self-awareness is a must in interpersonal communication. The 4Colors™ method provides precise analysis and useful tips in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Discover how it can benefit you and your team.


Find out how the 4Colors method can benefit you and/or your team.